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Studies suggest medical supervision is key to long-term keto weight loss

Research has shown that only 1 in 10 keto dieters are able to sustain at least 30 lbs. of weight loss over 3 years. 80% of those who succeed are enrolled in a medically-supervised program.

Average Weight Loss Over 5 Years*

  • Keto5 Weight Loss Program
  • Commercial Weight Loss Program
  • Self-guided Ketogenic Diet

Source: Keto5 Clinical Trial Research, 2015 - 2020

Clinical Trials

Participants achieve 10 lbs. median weight loss and 81% reduced inflammation in just 30 days

Clinical trials suggest reducing viral comorbidity through Keto5 program

We Can Help Grow Your Medical Practice Revenues

Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

The core of the Keto5 program, our proven approach + premium products create exceptional patient results.
Viral Recovery

Viral Recovery

Help patients with their recoveries and potentially mitigate the effects of long viral symptoms
Glucose Management

Glucose Management

Ketogenic programs have shown great success in treating glucose-driven disease states.
Metabolic Therapy

Metabolic Therapy

Keto5 can help stabilize the immune system through improved gut and metabolic health.
Telehealth Consultation

Telehealth Consultation

Conveniently onboard new patients virtually to fit with their schedules.
Supplement Subscription

Supplement Subscription

Gain access to multiple passive, recurring, and growing monthly revenue streams.

Up to 5X the Potency

Keto5 premium supplements produce longer, higher-quality ketosis.


Produces up to 6 hours of nutritional ketosis, reached in minutes vs. days, at 5x higher ketone levels than diet alone.


Extends ketosis duration by up to 30%, and increases ketone levels by up to 20%, when combined with XO Genius.


Formulated at 4x strength to enhance the body’s natural defenses and reduce harmful inflammation.

What Medical Experts Are Saying

Ashraf E. MD

Pulmonary Medicine, Cedars-Sinai

Putting my asthmatic patients on Keto5 products has optimized their ketosis levels and significantly improved breathing.

Teresa M. MD

Internal Medicine, UCLA

I have given XO Genius to my patients to help them manage weight issues and modify their diets, and have seen long-lasting results.

Mitch S. MD

Gastroenterology, Cedars-Sinai

Using Keto5 products has helped patients lose weight to such a degree that their liver function tests improve.

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Michael Wool, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Wool, MD is a board-certified internist with Cedars-Sinai, and a faculty member at UCLA and UCSF Medical Schools. In addition to his 35 years of HIV clinical research, Dr. Wool holds two U.S. patents, and has built and sold several medical companies. Since discovering the power of ketones to fight deadly inflammation, Dr. Wool created Keto5 to reach and help patients all across the country.

Stanley Ho

Chief Engineer

Stanley Ho brings 35 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise in developing and formulating the Keto5 product lineup. Earning his BSEE from the University of Hawaii, Stanley applies his varied engineering disciplines — ranging from from high-speed networking to chemical manufacturing — in the study of ketogenic diets and exogenous ketogenic agents.

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