Work Hand-in-Hand with Your Care Provider

Keto5 has cultivated a network of allied care providers specially trained in all aspects of ketogenic management.

Upon joining the Keto5 program, you can choose to partner with one of these highly knowledgeable and compassionate experts, or continue working with your own personal care provider as part of your supervised keto care regimen.

Ashraf E. MD

Pulmonary Medicine, Cedars-Sinai

"Putting my asthmatic patients on Keto5 products has optimized their ketosis levels and significantly improved breathing."

Teresa M. MD

Internal Medicine, UCLA

"I have given XO Genius to my patients to help them manage weight issues and modify their diets, and have seen long-lasting results."

Pedram J. Enayati, MD

Gastroenterology, Cedars-Sinai

"Using Keto5 products has helped patients lose weight to such a degree that their liver function tests improve."

Too Important To Try Alone

Successful ketogenic programs are based on careful measurement and monitoring, which are used to adjust and optimize a personal treatment plan.

When it comes to your health and quality of life, you need the right expertise, experience, and tools — which Keto5 was specifically designed to provide.

Dynamic Plan Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I work with my own doctor?

Yes. Ask if your care provider has Keto5 available in their business.

If not, your care provider can contact Keto5 to gain access.

If you do not have a care provider you may contact us and a member of our team will recommend a care provider in your local area.

How does my Care Provider get access to Keto5?

Please share the Keto5 website with your care provider and a member on our team will work with them on wholesale options.

Can I purchase Keto5 products?

Yes. If your care provider can share a unique code for you to order XOGENIUS and XOIMMUNE. All other Keto5 products you can order with out a unique code.

You can also purchase Keto5 products directly from your care provider.


How do I get access to a unique code to share with my patients and clients?

You can apply and get access to a unique code by clicking on the "Affilate" tab in the footer.

How do I order large quantities?

Keto5 offers wholesale options for your business. You can register in the "Wholesale" link in the footer.

How do I get started?

Great question.  If you
already know what Keto5 products you want and/or need, click "Products" to shop all of
our XO products. 

If you are not sure, our
team can help find the right product for your personal needs and goals.