Returning to Our Ancient Energy Source

The human metabolism is wired to work in ketosis. In fact, our ancestors survived on fat stores (burning ketones) for days while hunting. And when they finally ate, it was mostly animal fat and protein.

As a result, ancient humans had 90% less disease than we do today due to less inflammation — which is largely caused by our “modern” diet of sugar and carbs.

Better Health with Better Ketosis

Clinical trials have demonstrated up to 80% reduced inflammation in patients using the Keto5
system: beneficially impacting a wide array of disease states, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Hitting Your Target Ketosis with Keto5

XOGENIUS safely produces 500% higher
ketone levels than diet alone, and generates up to 6 hours of enhanced ketosis in just minutes.

XO8 supports and extends this beneficial ketogenic state by rapidly increasing the body’s natural production of ketones.