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A fully customized program to meet your healthcare goals

A fully customized program to meet your healthcare goals

No matter your goals, Keto5 will optimize your program for your personal physiology and objectives, helping you hit your target faster and more effectively. As we are all unique in our backgrounds and physical conditions, this type of tailored approach is the key to lasting keto results.

Whole Person Treatment

In addition to weight loss, many patients turn to a keto program when facing a specific medical issue — such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer — or to address a psychological challenge such as anxiety or depression.

Weight loss is not our end goal. It’s empowering you to live a high-quality, sustainable lifestyle with immense health benefits.

As any successful program must recognize and account for these factors, your first appointment with your Keto5 physician will include a complete health history and physical, as well as a diet review, nutritional counseling, exercise behavior modification techniques, EKG test, and a complete bloodwork panel.

Education and Personal Support

Many times, the first step in the Keto5 program is helping patients unlearn what they know about healthy living. This ground-up approach is not only essential in creating effective new habits, but in breaking unhealthy patterns that limit our growth — particularly in those “moments of truth” when we reach for the wrong foods.