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Work with one of our physicians or with your own doctor

Keto5 has cultivated a network of physicians specially trained in all aspects of ketogenic management, including metabolic function, inflammation physiology and immunology, as well as ketogenic nutrition and diet design.

Upon joining the Keto5 program, you can choose to partner with one of these highly knowledgeable and compassionate experts, or continue working with your own personal physician as part of your supervised keto care regimen.

How to talk to your doctor about Keto5

Not all patients are alike. We come from different cultures, food diversity, and personal habits. Whether you are new or experienced with ketogenic diets, or any other weight loss program, our Keto5 medical weight loss professionals will complete a health history, clarify your questions, and dispel any myths on how best to achieve your durable optimum weight.

Doctors: Learn how you can help your patients

Ketosis and ketogenic diets are not a fad. Ketosis is a well-understood physiologic process with proven therapeutic benefits, which has existed for over 100 years. Enroll in our training program to learn how new science and technology can be safely applied with high patient satisfaction and durable results by becoming a Keto5 network professional.

A fully customized program to meet your healthcare goals

Whether your aim is primarily weight loss, or to treat a disease or other health concern, Keto5 optimizes your personalized program based on your own personal physiology and objectives. Because we are all unique in our backgrounds and physical condition, this tailored approach is key to long-term success.

Private and convenient online consultation

Private consultation

We understand your health is a highly sensitive matter. For your comfort and convenience, we invite you to schedule a confidential, one-on-one introductory discussion with an expert Keto5 physician from your home or office on our virtual private network.

Professional tools and proven processes

Successful ketogenic programs are based on careful measurement and monitoring, used to adjust and optimize each patient’s treatment plan. This proven targeted approach requires expertise, experience, tools and partners — all of which Keto5 provides.

Larry, 70

The Keto5 diet, in conjunction with the supplements, calmed down my nervous system and improved my mental acuity at work.
Consult a Physician

Consult a Physician

Speak with one of our expert network specialists to create a targeted Keto5 program for you.
Keto5 Products

Keto5 Products

Learn more about our lineup of premium ketogenic supplements designed to support your journey.


Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Keto5 program.