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  • Founded:2015
  • Headquarters:Beverly Hills, CA

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Since first establishing his medical practice in the AIDS-ravaged city of San Francisco in 1985, Dr.  Michael Wool has stayed on the cutting edge of research and technology.

His early efforts in the field of HIV studies, particularly in achieving a deeper understanding of the disease virology, achieved watershed breakthroughs — leading to dozens of clinical trials, as well as a National Science Foundation Award. Yet even with these successes, Dr. Wool’s heart always remained in the fight against the AIDS pandemic, and supporting the affected communities.   

Discovering the Power of Ketones

Through his continued research, focusing in on the dangers of inflammation on viral disease states, Dr. Wool uncovered his next breakthrough: the power of ketones for human health and immunology.

By incorporating a ketogenic diet similar to our ancestors — who suffered almost no inflammation — and amplifying the ketogenic state through highly advanced scientific supplements, he found that patients could rapidly achieve upwards of 80% reduced inflammation.  

Recognizing his ability now to help nearly two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese, suffering from damaging chronic inflammation, Dr. Wool partnered with leading engineer and chemist Stanley Ho to create Keto5.  


Dr. Michael Wool, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Wool, MD is a board-certified internist with Cedars-Sinai, and a faculty member at UCLA and UCSF Medical Schools. In addition to his 35 years of HIV clinical research, Dr. Wool holds two U.S. patents, and has built and sold several medical companies. Since discovering the power of ketones to fight deadly inflammation, Dr. Wool created Keto5 to reach and help patients all across the country.

Stanley Ho

Chief Engineer

Stanley Ho brings 35 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise in developing and formulating the Keto5 product lineup. Earning his BSEE from the University of Hawaii, Stanley applies his varied engineering disciplines — ranging from from high-speed networking to chemical manufacturing — in the study of ketogenic diets and exogenous ketogenic agents.
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Consult a Physician

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Keto5 Products

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